Doublefix Onzichtbaar

Rol 1,5 m x 19 mm transparant

Double-sided adhesive tape; 1,5 m x 19 mm; 75 kg

Doublefix Onzichtbaar

Wat is het?


  • UHU Double- sided adhesive tape is a s pecial adhesive tape that is resistant to ageing, weathering and temperature.
  • UHU Double- sided adhesive tape is resistant to temperatures between -30°C and 180°C.
  • UHU Double- sided adhesive tape has good initial adhesion; the maximum final adhesion is achieved after 24 hours.
  • * transparent double-sided construction adhesive tape with durable high strength
  • * suitable for use on smooth surfaces in both indoor and outdoor areas
  • * carries up to 75 kg/roll
  • * perfect on glass and beneath transparent objects
  • * UV- resistant and waterproof
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Wat doet het?

Geschikt voor:

Strong, entirely transparent double-sided adhesive tape for permanently mounting and affixing objects in indoor and outdoor areas. The invisible alternative to screws and nails. Provides a permanent and secure hold on almost all smooth surfaces, e.g., glass, metal, tiles, plastic, painted or varnished wood and stone. Ideal for mounting signs, decorative objects, holders, hooks, house numbers, shelving elements, decorative profiles and skirting boards, and much more. Also suitable for use in the shower area and for attaching car accessories.

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Aan de slag

Voor gebruik:


The minimum working temperature is 10°C.

Oppervlakten eisen

The surfaces to be glued must be firm, clean, dry, and free of grease and dust.

Voorbehandeling oppervlakken

Remove glue residue with white spirit.

Na gebruik:


UHU DOUBLE TAPE STRONG should be stored in a cool, dry place (not below +5°C and not above +30°C).

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